Without adequate skills or models for healthy functioning, it’s hard to maneuver the curves life throws at you. There’s always someone with an opinion telling you what you “should” do, it’s hard to get a clear vision of your best life. Transitional periods can be particularly stressful to the point they paralyze you, cause you to make no decision or choose the easiest path, or the one that most people seem to approve of. You may even struggle adapting to a new normal you never saw coming.

Wanting to make changes?

You have been living your life, making decisions, trying to choose the “right” path. The idea of living a “good” life, the life you’re “supposed” to live, doing “right” by yourself and those around you drives you crazy. It’s so hard to figure out because it’s different for everyone. You desperately want someone to tell you what to do, but then struggle to follow the advice because you actually don’t want to do that. You want a perfect prescription for how to live your life in order to feel “right” and valid and approved of. This exists, you’re just most likely asking the wrong person. The answers are already in you

Thrust into Change?

Life has a funny way of knocking you off your feet right when you start to feel like you’ve got it all figured out. Maybe you’ve lost someone close to you, your job went out of business, or your partner filed for divorce. These curves can leave you feeling lost, purposeless, directionless, angry, sad, fearful, or you may even feel like giving up. Without the necessary skills, it’s hard to adapt to change and embrace it; most people want to run away from it as fast as they can.


Having to find a new normal comes with a mix of emotions. COVID-19 has certainly caused so much upheaval and left many people scrambling to adjust. Many clients wish for that crystal ball in order to know what’s coming so that they feel prepared. The problem with this, though, is that you end up wasting your time living in chaos and catastrophe. You live in it as you imagine the worst and prepare for the worst and then ultimately experience the worst. It’s time you give yourself a break. 

How therapy can help

Through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solution Focused Therapy, and narrative therapy, you’ll learn the necessary skills to identify what you want out of life and how to get it. You’ll gain confidence in your decision making, increase your connection to yourself, and trust in your abilities to handle whatever life throws at you in the future. Most people believe that their energy is best spent keeping the branch from breaking. Let me help you gain confidence in your ability to fly if it does and gain peace and happiness for the moments life is just as you want it to be.

Reach out today to share with me your personal circumstances.
What has you stuck and where do you ultimately want to be?

Whether you’re in high school feeling lost as graduation nears, in college trying to choose a career, in the working world feeling dissatisfied, or in relationships not knowing what you want out of them, change and transition may feel worse than staying stuck. The unknown often scares people because they don’t know if what they’ve chosen will pan out or be what they ultimately want. You may not know exactly what you want, but you know that you’re not as happy as you could be, you just don’t know what to change.

Every mountain is conquered one step at a time.

Begin your journey today. 

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