Adult Psychotherapy

Consider your time in therapy to be exactly that, YOUR time. I have had clients come in and ask to nap. I have had clients come in and ask to just meditate. I have had clients come in and ask to go for a walk. I have had clients come in and ask to walk to get a coffee while we talked. I have had clients come in with an agenda. And I have had clients come in and literally have nothing to say.

While I provide guidance and always strive to make the most of the time we share together, you are still the director of each hour. This is the same mentality I will help you take into your own life, so there’s always a lesson in there somewhere, even if it seems like all we did was talk about Joe Exotic. 


You’ve researched and read and put it off long enough. You’re ready to make the commitment to start showing up for yourself. If an hour seems like too much right now, let’s start with a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit and then go from there.

How often do you take an hour and just focus on you? Your needs, your wants, your pain, your joy. The anxiety and stress experienced on a daily level often prohibit you from taking the breaks you need or even assessing if you want to be doing what you’re doing in any given moment.

Coming to therapy is the first step in prioritizing your health and wellness in a world that tells you this matters least. Society often values productivity, money, success, and constantly being busy. It’s crazy how many of my clients just don’t know how not to be busy.

Every mountain is conquered one step at a time.

Begin your journey today. 

Adolescent Psychotherapy

If you’re a teen researching and reaching out for help, I applaud you for prioritizing your mental health. Therapy is an incredible tool to help you make sense of a world that at times can feel so large, so mean, so confusing, and so limiting. Life through the lens of a teenager is often misunderstood by parents because they are so far removed from their own experiences as a kid. There are also so many differences between how your parents grew up and all that you face on a daily basis. For that reason, I like to be the neutral third party who sees both sides

One thing to keep in mind is this, even though you are a minor, you still have a right to privacy and confidentiality. If there are things you want your parents to know, I’ll support you and coach you on how to address them and we can do it together in a session. While your parents are just that, your parents, my relationship is still with you, you are the client. So I am committed to helping you achieve your goals, not the goals of someone else.

Teens these days face so many pressures, have access to an overwhelming amount of information, and can reach each other at a moment’s notice. This creates feelings of irritability, angst, and overwhelm which can lead to depression and/or anxiety. Everyone has opinions on how you should live YOUR life, and this often just creates even more issues. You get stuck between wanting to be an adult, yet struggling with the limitations still placed upon you as a minor. You deserve to look forward to your life, have experiences that you remember, and build yourself into the person you most want to be.

As a parent, you may be reaching out for help because you’ve noticed your teen has changed. They may be angry, irritable, grades may have dropped, they’ve been using substances, isolating from friends, or have shown a lack of emotional or behavioral regulation. It can be worrisome to watch your child change and struggle and you certainly don’t have to experience this on your own. One of the things I recommend to parents all the time is to not step into the role of therapist. They need their parent, let me jump in and be the one to affect change while you still get to be supportive and a safe place for them to land as they learn and try new things. 

Let’s set up a free consultation to determine if there’s a good fit and to start the healing process. 

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