Therapy is about discovering yourself and getting intimately connected to the person you’ll be with forever: YOU! It’s about deciding to no longer avoid the issues that have been plaguing you and mindfully stepping into experiencing your life fully. Yes, this does include pain as it is a part of life, but learning how to respond to it from a skillful, compassionate, and validating place. 


The benefits of therapy have been something I have believed in my whole life. I personally love putting the pieces of someone’s life together and helping them find connections they never noticed. I pursued my education in counseling to help people enjoy their lives and look forward to their futures, which can be hard to do when pain from the past clouds your sight or problems of today get more focus than your successes or dreams.


I consider myself to be a straightforward yet validating and empathetic person. When you go to therapy you’re asking for the therapist to point things out, raise awareness of blind spots, provide education, and call you out gently when you’re getting in your own way. Therapy is meant to facilitate change and growth, and that doesn’t come from someone just agreeing with you for an hour every week.


My training has taught me well for this role as I attended a CACREP accredited program at Florida Atlantic University, which is the most intense style of counseling programs. I am also a Nationally Certified Counselor and hold myself to a high degree of ethical and educational standards. 


I love to infuse humor, authenticity, equality, and trust into every therapeutic relationship. I also pride myself on never judging clients; what they want, what they say, what they’ve been through, and even the thoughts they share that they’re embarrassed about. You’ll never get judgment from me. I have also been known to use metaphors and sports references and can relate almost any conversation back to therapeutic principles and insights.


I take in the small things, love to be in nature, love animals, and travel the world whenever possible. I do feel that I am living my best life and my want for everyone is for them to seek and find their happiness, whatever that may look like. Therapy is all about building YOUR best life, and is best done with someone who knows what that takes.

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Darcy Holm
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Nationally Certified Counselor
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