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When a client comes in for therapy I assess to determine if I am habilitating or rehabilitating. This means that I try to determine if I am teaching someone skills and insights for the first time, or helping them recover skills they once had. About ninety percent of the time, I am habilitating; teaching clients skills, insights, and perspectives that they have never been taught. Allow this fact to help validate where you are in your journey so as to not put so much pressure on yourself or rush this process. You have permission to stop beating yourself up or telling yourself "I should know these things." There is a reason you don't. Let's figure it out together, one mountain at a time. 

The above modalities allow me to help clients process through issues in a timely and effective manner, ensuring they can begin living their best lives sooner rather than later. I like to work collaboratively with the patient, providing tangible and practical skills, and continuously assessing for what is working and what is not. My active role in the therapeutic process will foster a deep understanding of you, the client, and facilitate an effective, supportive, and secure therapeutic relationship. I treat each client with the utmost respect and dignity and ask that this be given in return. 

In studies on the effectiveness of therapy, the strongest indicator of success for the client is the stability of the therapeutic alliance between client and therapist. The therapeutic relationship can be used as a model to replicate across other relationships in your life. There may be times where a client disagrees with or does not like feedback or insights given in session. I welcome clients to learn how to express disagreements and/or discomfort as these are necessary skills for successful relationships in life. 

Coming to therapy can be a daunting new beginning and the emotions that come with sitting on that side of the couch do not escape me. This is why I come from a non-judgmental, validating, and supportive standpoint, even when giving insights or feedback that may be hard to hear. Please consider our time and my office a space that you can let down your guard and really learn who you are and how you operate.


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Darcy Holm
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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